A group of people at a conference table, with laptops displaying a Simcenter structural analysis


Structural analysis software

Simulate structures to understand how they perform for stress, deformation and more.

Consolidate structural analysis tools

Understanding how a component or product assembly reacts under stress or vibration is critical in any industry. However, as products and materials become increasingly complex, engineers need tools that go beyond linear-statics analyses. Simcenter provides the structural analysis software you need to simulate a wide range of applications, all within a single user environment. You no longer need one tool for linear statics, another to study fatigue, and yet another for nonlinear analysis. As a result, engineering departments can consolidate structural analysis tools, and you only need to know a single user interface.

Aircraft structural design and analysis

Moving from fossil fuel-powered aviation to next-generation aircraft with multiple energy carriers and architectures constitutes a massive challenge. But it is required in order to stay competitive.

Structural analysis software capabilities

Linear analysis

Linear analysis is used to solve static problems, such as determining if a structure will fail under a prescribed load, and can also be used to solve transient problems where loads change over time. Simcenter features a complete range of integrated linear analysis functionality, including analysis for linear statics, normal modes and buckling. You can use these capabilities to evaluate structural performance for applications in a variety of industries.

Linear analysis of a mechanical structure

Nonlinear analysis

The nonlinear analysis is the appropriate simulation choice if deformations are large, if linear material assumptions are invalid, or if contact is a factor. Simcenter solves a wide range of nonlinear analysis problems. Nonlinear implicit and explicit analysis solvers enable engineers to address problems as simple as a plastic catch, or as complex as a car body roof crush analysis. Integrated explicit dynamic capabilities let you perform metal forming analysis or evaluate electronic hardware performance during a high-impact drop test simulation.

Nonlinear analysis measuring an object's displacement

Aeroelastic flutter

Aeroelastic flutter is a critical phenomenon where an unstable structural oscillation occurs in an airframe caused by resonance frequencies coming from the airstream around the moving aircraft. Engineers need to understand when and where flutter will be a problem. Simcenter includes the tools you need to predict and avoid unwanted flutter, accurately.

A Simcenter aeroelasitc flutter simulation on a wing wireframe