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Mechanical system simulation software

Design complex mechanical systems right the first time.

Multi-dimensional (1D, 2D and 3D) dynamic simulations

Simcenter includes state-of-the-art modeling techniques that allow multi-dimensional (1D, 2D and 3D) dynamic simulations. It enables you to study rigid or flexible bodies and complex non-linear frictions by analyzing low- or high-frequency phenomena. It takes into account contacts between complex geometries to increase reliability and robustness of developed kinematics and comes with multiphysics actuator models for accurate analysis of the coupling between mechanical structures and electric or hydraulic motion.

Simcenter allows you to frontload architecture and design decisions. The software comes with powerful modeling, analysis and optimization tools that help you virtually explore a large number of possible system architectures, predict performance, energy balance, noise and vibration behavior, and validate early in the design cycle the configuration that meet requirements. It also features connection between plant models and control models or code, to support the development of best-in-class mechatronic systems.

Mechanical system simulation capabilities

Powertrain transmission system simulation

Optimize the integration of any kind of transmission and vehicle to balance performance, fuel economy, drivability, comfort and reliability from the early design stages. Simcenter helps you improve fuel consumption by predicting losses, as well as reduce vibrations by detecting and modifying natural modes contributors, and reducing contact force variations, clutch judder, booming and clunk noise.

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Visual of Powertrain transmission system simulation.

Vehicle system dynamics simulation

Effectively model vehicle systems, from the chassis itself to its related components, from early design to validation stages. Balance conflicting performance characteristics such as comfort, handling, stability, agility, drivability and fuel economy.

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Vehicle System Dynamics Simulation

Flight control system simulation

Handle the multiphysics aspects of the entire flight control system for various actuation technologies, such as mechanical, direct drive, electromechanical or electro-hydrostatic. Simcenter covers the entire development process from predesign, to detailed dynamic analysis, and to real-time validation that considers the overall flight envelope. You can also integrate flight controls with interdependent systems to assess interactions earlier in the design phase.

Flight Control System Simulation

Landing system simulation

Design eco-friendly and cost-efficient landing gear systems, by reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions during ground maneuvers. By using Simcenter from the early development stages to detailed analysis, system integration and validation, you can improve the reliability of landing gear systems, even for hard landing conditions. You can make the braking system more robust, even for a rejected take-off, and you can do a proper structural integration of extension and retraction systems.

Landing System Simulation

Mechanical system modeling

Accurately model the kinematic and dynamic behavior of multi-body systems (from 1D to 3D) by using mechanical Simcenter components. Ready-to-use rigid or flexible bodies connected by functional junctions allow you to rapidly analyze a large number of effects, such as elastic collision, dry and viscous friction, worm gear, screw/nut, rack and pinion mechanisms, ropes and sheaves. Validated models of cams and followers help you seamlessly compare the performance of different hydromechanical valvetrain architectures.

Mechanical System Modeling
case study

Automobili Lamborghini

The true power of Simcenter Amesim is demonstrated by how easy it is to evaluate different driving conditions, software or hardware changes and even different configurations, as well as the speed at which those modified models give us correct results and trends.

Simcenter Amesim helps Automobili Lamborghini create the Aventador LP700-4 driveline concept design
Case Study

Simcenter Amesim helps Automobili Lamborghini create the Aventador LP700-4 driveline concept design

Company:Automobili Lamborghini

Industry:Automotive & transportation

Location:Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy

Siemens Software:Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter Amesim