Engineer Innovation

Engineer Innovation showcases Simcenter customers and their successes across several industries and applications. This collection of articles, technical features, industry insights and opinion features is free to download and share.

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Issue 11 - A brighter future by engineering innovation

Explore how engineering simulation is driving sustainable and profitable subterranean farming and enabling low-carbon travel on land, air and sea.

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Issue 9 - Engineer Innovation for a Sustainable World

A special edition of Engineer Innovation dedicated to our planet exploring the role that Simcenter plays in solving the climate emergency by engineering a low-carbon future and helping the pioneers of the green transformation.

Issue 8 - Science-fiction becomes science-fact

Sustainability is at the heart of the Simcenter ethos, efficient fuel production and optimized consumption are the cornerstone of a more sustainable future.


Issue 7 - Surfing, skiing, snowboarding and sailing

Our lead article transports you to Hawaii and the Surf Engineering Association (SEA), the methodologies presented at that ‘flip-flop symposium’ are some of the most disruptive and exciting engineering technologies of our time.

Issue 6 - A year unlike any other

Simcenter technology at the heart of those developments, that growing ecosystem stretches beyond our own company boundaries which shows where our customers and partners are able to realize the power of simulation and test.


Issue 5 - Firsts and record breakers

We kick off this issue with a record-breaking diesel engine from Wärtsilä, the most economical diesel engine ever built.

Issue 4 - Personally speaking

The digital twin continues to proliferate and is a concept often associated with Siemens, and given our investment in software, additive manufacturing and the digital industries.


Issue 3 - Next stop... Innovation!

The theme emerging from this collection that struck a chord with me is how many of our customers are seeking to improve our day-to-day lives.

Issue 2 - The digital perspective

The customer success stories shared in this edition of Engineer Innovation shows that we live in an increasingly digital world.


Issue 1 - View from the bridge

Engineer Innovation is at the heart of what you are doing on a daily basis using our Simcenter portfolio.