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NX CAM 3-Axis Milling XaaS

Effectively machine freeform parts with a wide range of 3-axis operations using advanced capabilities integrated with part model preparation tools.

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Mock up of nx cam 3 axis milling.

Why NX CAM 3-Axis Milling?

Simplify the programming of the most demanding freeform parts created in any CAD system using advanced capabilities for 3-axis milling. 

Accelerate machining and improve quality
Create smooth and highly efficient toolpaths with minimum input, such as the advanced finishing operations that follow the part natural shape, achieving mirror-like surface finishes.

Reduce machining cycles by up to 60% and deliver higher quality parts, such as mold and dies, using the innovative 3D Adaptive Roughing with its deep cuts at high speeds. 

Use integrated CAD tools
Directly edit 3D part models using synchronous technology for faster NC programming. Additionally, develop cast and stage models using interactive editing tools.  

Output validated programs
Use integrated cloud-based postprocessing and machining simulation to output validated, machine-specific NC programs. Transfer the manufacturing data to the shop floor using associative and complete shop documentation, including tool lists, setup sheets and 3D drawings.

CNC machine machining a part with NX CAM 3-Axis Milling.

NX CAM provides advanced programming capabilities for 3-axis milling, including: 

  • 3D Adaptive Roughing 
  • Rest milling 
  • Guide curve finishing 
  • Z-level finishing 
  • Cut region control 
  • Spiral and helical finishing 
  • In-Process Workpiece (IPW) 
  • Toolpath verification 
  • Postprocessing 
  • Shop floor documentation 

*The 2.5-axis milling capabilities are included too 

Included integrated CAD tools:

  • Synchronous technology 
  • Assemblies 
  • CAD translators

Featured capabilities

3D Adaptive Roughing

3D rendering of an NX designed machine tool.

Cut your machining time and production costs with 3D Adaptive Roughing. This high-performance cutting strategy enables deep cuts and consistent tool load, resulting in high material removal rates

Use this roughing method, optimized for cutting hard material, to reduce machine cycle time by up to 60% while extending tool life. 

Specialized finishing

3D rendering of a specialized finishing of a machine tool.

Effectively finish specific types of cut regions with smooth, optimized toolpaths using the NX advanced finishing methods, including: 

  • Helical finishing: This operation steps over gradually, eliminating marks on the part. It is a perfect cutting strategy to machine high-quality parts with steep walls
  • Spiral finishing: This milling method is ideal for machining shallow symmetrical part regions

These advanced finishing techniques deliver consistent stepover, eliminating sharp stepover moves, which improves the surface finish and enables higher cutting speeds.

Optimized cut regions

NX screenshot of a 3D model showing cut regions.

Machine more efficiently and reduce tool wear by using the best cutting strategy for each region of the machined part.  

NX helps you automatically perform region determinations and apply the preferred patterns to various regions while providing advanced settings to precisely control the cutting process, such as specifying cutting order.  

By matching cutting patterns to part geometry, this advanced programming method enables better finish quality and longer tool life.

Armo Tool

Armo tools, designed using NX software.
Case Study

Armo Tool increases overall operational productivity by 40 percent with NX

Company:Armo Tool

Industry:Industrial machinery

Location:London, Ontario, Canada

Siemens Software:NX

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Connect design, manufacturing and shop floor teams to run more flexible and efficient production.

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