Opcenter Connect MOM

Opcenter Connect MOM enables the deployment of solutions for heterogeneous manufacturing and business systems, making better use of human and IT resources.

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Leverage the value of your IT infrastructure

Opcenter Connect MOM makes good use of human and information technology (IT) resources by deploying solutions for heterogeneous production and business systems.

Enable scalability and high availability
Scale up and optimize the use of resources with our system's load-balancing mechanisms. Opcenter Connect MOM can be deployed as a high-availability system. Improved resilience to external factors is provided by the system's fail-over strategy and message buffering.

Use workflows to extend message processing
Apply workflow logic based on either the message contents or its properties, extending processing capabilities for transforming and dispatching messages. Opcenter Connect MOM provides a graphic user interface (UI) for editing. The system also allows ad hoc message logging, traceability and auditing.

Map data and format conversion
Configure data maps to transform XML messages using drag-and-drop XML elements, embedded functions and message attributes. Opcenter Connect MOM includes a powerful message mapping engine with a graphical design tool. Use the system's format conversion filter to easily handle a payload in other formats like JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and flat files.

Maintain highly configurable event logs
Maintain log events with or without associated messages and their attributes. Consolidate entries from all Opcenter Connect MOM services and any of the product components. The service features a self-purging mechanism based on log entry level.

Integrate manufacturing sites
Integrate one or multiple manufacturing sites with other business processes and cloud applications. Integrate with third-party systems using the system’s adapters to detach the communication protocol of third-party systems from the message processing. Adapters support a wide range of technologies and enhance the flexibility and serviceability of the product.

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