Opcenter Execution Discrete

Opcenter Execution Discrete is a dedicated manufacturing execution system (MES) for discrete manufacturing job shops and complex assembly operations.

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Increase visibility of your entire production process

Control growing product lines
Orchestrate efficient, high-quality production and ensure full production tracking and visibility, even as your product portfolio and product variations markedly expand. Our MES for discrete manufacturing is designed to manage the new complexities you may experience on multiple planes – reconfigurable production equipment and factory layout, extensive and variable bills of materials (BOMs) and bills of process (BOPs), numerous work orders and work order dependencies, and more.

Manage a large skilled workforce
Ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the aspects of your workflow best performed via manual processes. The greater dependency on skilled labor that many discrete manufacturers experience compared to other industries means your MES must support complex labor management, human-machine collaborative processes, and the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) tools. Our MES for discrete manufacturing delivers these capabilities.

Employ non-conformance and exception management
Capture and address all deviations detected during inspections. Opcenter Execution Discrete uses an intelligent failure catalog to initiate a systematic problem-solving process and resulting corrective action. When deviations are detected, our MES for discrete manufacturing performs exception management and root cause analysis and provides you with protocols to correct the non-conformance.

Streamline change management
Easily adjust to changes even after production runs have started. Opcenter Execution Discrete simplifies complex change management, handling the intricate interconnections among an engineering or production change order, work orders, and all the materials, components and processes affected by the change.

Use close digital connection with extensive supply chains
Optimize cost efficiencies across your supply chain with tightly synchronized just-in-time/just-in-sequence (JIT/JIS) productivity. Opcenter Execution Discrete provides OEMs with visibility through their highly stratified supply chains. For suppliers, this MES for discrete manufacturing orchestrates a complex and highly changeable production schedule and ensures tracking and tracing of each component produced, even for multiple OEMs or tier customers.

Leverage big data
Capture the massive and growing stream of data generated daily on your production floor and convert this big data to smart data that feeds your manufacturing intelligence system. Opcenter Execution Discrete handles this onslaught of data, aggregating and meaningfully communicating it both downstream around the shop floor and upstream to enterprise systems.

Incorporate disruptive technologies
Rise to new challenges from electrification, connected services, autonomous navigation, sustainable design and production and other disruptive technologies. Our discrete manufacturing execution system offers the powerful and flexible functionality demanded by these changes.

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MES in the Automotive Industry

Various lean methods shaped the automotive industry. Using an MES enables Just-In-Time (JIT) and Just-In-Sequence (JIS) production. Like this, automotive manufacturers ensure that materials and components are delivered to the production line exactly when needed, resulting in an optimized production.

MES in the Aerospace & Defense Industry

In aerospace and defense, manufacturers strive for a better time to market, improved program performances, and increased quality. A closed collaboration with PLM software allows to successfully manage flexible and complex assembly processes in low volume and high variance environments.

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A smart, connected factory can significantly improve manufacturing processes by efficiently managing programs to reduce time-to-market, enhancing manufacturing visibility through KPIs and advanced reporting, and optimizing resource allocation to maintain product quality. Explore the capabilities of our MES software with a free trial.

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MES in the Industrial Machinery Industry

Manufacturing processes in industrial machinery and heavy equipment can be improved by implementing an MES on the shopfloor. By consolidating all production processes, customers improve execution performance and efficiency, flexibility, and time-to-market.

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