Opcenter Intelligence AOI FCR

Opcenter Intelligence AOI False Call Reduction uses AI to predict whether a failed PCB is a false call or a real error, reducing false calls and manual review work.

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AOI False Call Reduction

Reduce false calls of AOI machines, using Siemens AI with high prediction accuracy that works with shopfloor data.

Reliable inspection models powered by AI

Replace tedious manual work by operators with an accurate AI model seamlessly integrated to the shopfloor using Siemens Industrial Edge. AOI machines generate a high frequency of false alarms, creating a large manual inspection workload - which leads to alarm fatigue on operators' side. AI replaces the tedious manual inspections and reduce fatigue by reevaluating AOI results before it becomes a problem for the human operator.

Use existing data and the cloud for a lightweight solution

Use data from AOI machines installed in SMT lines along with manual inspection findings to train the AI model and maintain accuracy over time. No need for knowledge in data science, or investment in machine learning architecture - the model training is done in the Siemens cloud and the deployment is quickly done by the Siemens AI service team.

Increase first pass yield and resource availability

Eliminate excessive manual tests and free operators to focus on the true faults. By implementing the solution, manufacturers can boost Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through improved first pass yield, better line utilization while reducing the penalties associated with the inspecting false calls and the risk of missing real errors.

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