Opcenter Intelligence Component Analytics

Opcenter Intelligence Component Analytics analyzes 100% of components used in production, providing comprehensive component inspection and material traceability.

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Opcenter Intelligence Component Analytics

Monitor and trace the quality of all SMT components with Opcenter Intelligence Component Analytics, to ensure that only verified components are placed on the board during PCB assembly.

Prevent poor component quality on the PCB assembly line
Secure component quality and authenticity even in times of supply strains. Compromised or counterfeit components present a dramatic risk for electronics manufacturers, causing service calls, recalls and damaging profits. With component analytics, manufacturers can isolate problematic material and prevent damage.

Detect component quality issues in real time
Sending component samples to lab tests is costly and time-consuming. Instead, real-time monitoring during PCB assembly allows thorough inspection and can also identify single compromised components in a mixed source.

Leverage AI and computer vision for complete SMT traceability
The images generated by pick-and-place machines during production are analyzed using advanced AI models, to verify authenticity and identify damage or tampering in 100% of the components. The solution uses existing data - no need for additional operations or steps in the manufacturing process.

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