Opcenter Formulation

Opcenter Formulation brings the digital twin of product to life, enabling you to simulate the impact formula changes have on product performance.

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Streamline formula development processes

Improve time to market and success of product launches
Opcenter Formulation presents product performance impacts of formula changes digitally, reducing real-life trials and saving time and money.

Simulate product performance
Start formula development from existing BOMs or from scratch and use the digital twin of the formula to see the immediate impact of a formula change on cost, nutritional value, CPG regulatory compliance and more. Drastically reduce time to market.

Reduce formula development lead time
Start from existing formulas in Opcenter Specification to kickstart formula optimization. Leverage the specification management repository to cut lead times of product development projects, including assessment of formulated product performance, formula comparison and CPG regulatory compliance.

See target impacts immediately
Set targets during formula development project definition and see the impact of formula changes on product performance immediately during simulation with the digital twin of the formula.

Comply with regulations
Connect seamlessly with the project definition in the electronic notebook. The system will check formula changes for compliance with local regulations in defined target markets during formula simulation.

Compare alternative formulas digitally
Easily conduct formula comparisons of multiple alternatives with an intuitive formula compare function. Limit the time and expense of real-life trials by proceeding with only alternatives that best meet targets.

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