Opcenter Laboratory

Opcenter Laboratory is a full-scale laboratory information management system (LIMS) that raises lab throughput and efficiency in quality test execution.

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researcher adjusting a formulation in the laboratory, based on quality test feedback from the laboratory information management system (LIMS)

Seamlessly support lab management processes

Opcenter Laboratory drives productivity, efficiency, quality assurance, and data integrity throughout your lab operations.

Close the quality loop and reduce lab throughput times
Opcenter Laboratory safeguards quality from early formula development through at-line and offline sampling management, releasing only premium quality batches. Analyze samples from inbound deliveries before releasing a raw material batch to production.

Reduce feedback time on sample analysis
Bring efficiency to the lab from the moment samples arrive until the final analysis result is available, validated and communicated. LIMS reduces feedback time and accelerates time to market.

Integrate RD&L and MES for closed-loop quality
Accelerate at-line and offline sample analysis to enable prompt communication of usage decisions to the manufacturing execution system (MES). Take corrective actions and reanalyze batches to improve quality when needed. Sample finished goods to ensure premium outbound quality.

Connect lab instruments bidirectionally
Avoid errors and save time. Connect directly with lab instruments to share sample IDs and register analysis results in the laboratory information management system without manually keying in data.

Manage equipment more effectively
Automatically ensure follow-up on all scheduled and non-scheduled interventions. Opcenter Laboratory will not accept analysis results from any instrument that did not receive interventions in time.

Use operator qualification management
Ensure follow-up on all operator qualifications and renewals. Automatically alert operators when to retake qualification tests. Opcenter Laboratory LIMS will not accept analysis results from operators with out-of-date operator qualifications.

Statistical quality control (SQC) performance and deviation alerts
Avoid scrap and rework by receiving alerts when analysis results (and blank samples) deviate according to Western Electric Rules. The Opcenter Laboratory SQC component automatically follows up on results and sends deviation alerts when indicated.

Manage external user access
Grant external users access to the LIMS to directly retrieve analysis results/certificates of analysis, eliminating slower indirect communication (for instance, email).

Visualize trends
Visualize LIMS analysis results graphically over a long period of time. The Opcenter Laboratory trending and charting functions help to easily identify positive or negative evolutions.

Create complete reports
Create certificates of analysis, performance reports, management reports and more, directly from Opcenter Laboratory.

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