Simcenter SCADAS Lab hardware

Rely on best-in-class high-performance laboratory data acquisition for the most demanding applications, scalable from 8 to over 1,000 channels.

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Why Simcenter SCADAS Lab?

High-performance laboratory data acquisition
Simcenter SCADAS Lab offers you channel-count-independent signal conditioning and exceptional throughput performance, making the solution an excellent choice for applications such as high-channel-count modal testing, aircraft ground vibration testing, acoustic high-speed throughput or turbine testing. Additionally, with lab mobility, you can directly connect the system to Simcenter SCADAS Mobile or Simcenter SCADAS Recorder for additional measurements without creating a new test setup.

An extensible solution for demanding lab testing
You can easily connect additional slave frames to Simcenter SCADAS Lab by using optical fiber cables. This type of modularity is convenient for noise and vibration laboratories and lets you configure a multi-frame system for more than 1,000 channels. You can assemble individual frames into main-secondary configurations and run them as a single entity.

Securely test costly items
With a hardware emergency stop, you can extend any Simcenter SCADAS Lab system to become a frontend for vibration control applications. This includes a 24-bit effective digital-to-analog converter (DAC) output with tapered start-up and shutdown. It has a status output for advanced synchronization purposes and lets you control safety using the hardware emergency stop and a power watchdog feature.

Simcenter SCADAS Community

Discover the users' community that's compiling a vast number of technical articles answering your possible questions on Simcenter SCADAS. If you don't find the answer, raise your question in the forum.

Simcenter SCADAS Lab capabilities

Laboratory data acquisition

For your most demanding testing jobs, count on our rack-based laboratory data acquisition solution that offers expandable, channel-count independent data acquisition and highly reliable, high-speed throughput performance. It is optimized for a wide range of applications, such as high-channel-count modal surveys, aircraft ground vibration tests and high-speed throughput or turbine tests.

A couple of engineers using Simcenter software in a Laboratory.

Multiphysics testing

Configure your data acquisition hardware according to your testing requirements. Simcenter SCADAS Mobile includes a broad range of input modules supporting a large variety of transducers and signal conditioning capabilities, combining analog and digital signals. It covers a broad range of physical types, including vibration, forces, strain, displacement, temperature, sound, torsion, pressure, CAN-bus, GPS and many more.

A Simcenter SCADAS recorder