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Active sound design

Design and evaluate irresistible interior and exterior vehicle brand sounds.

Improve vehicle sound quality

Bring active sound design to the next level with the electrification of the powertrain. Artificial sounds used in internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles are primarily used to improve sound quality and achieve positive emotional reactions to the driver and occupants. However, sound design becomes a much more integral aspect of the driving experience in electrified vehicles. In hybrid vehicles, active sound design can acoustically cancel out disturbing interior acoustic events, such as the moment between switching from pure electric to ICE engine. Engineers use active sound design for electric vehicles to create consistent acoustic feedback for the driver, reflecting driving conditions (acceleration, braking, etc.), which is absent in electrified vehicles. 

Active sound design also represents a solution for the current legal requirement of acoustic vehicle alerting systems (AVAS) in electrified vehicles to achieve minimal noise levels. The same system can emit exterior sounds to alert other road users. This sound signature should be brand-bounded and easily identifiable. 

The expectations for new vehicle sound, either technical or emotional, carry new challenges for the acoustic development teams. Simcenter offers a comprehensive toolset that can help you actively engineer the sound of your future vehicles.

How to make electrified vehicles sound remarkable inside and out with active sound design

Learn how to design, evaluate and implement appealing interior and exterior sounds for your electric vehicle in this on-demand webinar.

Case study


See how Hyundai uses Simcenter active sound design solution to align the acoustic experience with its brand strategy and style.

Using an enhanced sound concept as a brand differentiator for electric vehicles
Case Study

Using an enhanced sound concept as a brand differentiator for electric vehicles


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