Simcenter electrical simulation hardware unit.


Electrical system simulation

Accelerate electrification with Simcenter systems simulation.

Simulate electrical and electromechanical systems from concept design to control validation

Simcenter helps optimize the dynamic performance of mechatronic systems, analyze power consumption, design and validate control laws for electrical devices for the automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery and heavy equipment industries.

Using Simcenter, you can investigate various electrification architectures of conventional vehicles, and virtually assess the impact of electric subsystems on the global performance of electric and hybrid electric vehicles. You can also address the challenge of developing more electric aircraft and future electrified propulsion systems.

Virtual assessment of e-powertrains using the hybrid optimization tool

Learn how to evaluate and benchmark vehicle architectures including conventional, hybrid and electric powertrains.

Electrical system simulation capabilities

Electrified vehicle simulation

Master the engineering complexity of vehicle electrification. Simcenter offers the required modeling level to simulate all critical subsystems. Whether you deal with battery sizing or electric machine design, you can benefit from efficient modeling workflows to support your engineering effort from architecture creation to integration, including detailed design.

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Aircraft electrical system simulation

Create a more electric aircraft by optimizing its electrical network and accounting for thermal integration. Simcenter helps you design reliable generators, electromechanical and electro hydrostatic actuators, and analyze the impact of network reconfiguration in case of failure. Using co-simulation with Simulink, you can integrate generator control units with high-fidelity multiphysics models. Pre-processing and post-processing tools, like electro-hydrostatic actuator (EHA) and electro-mechanical actuator (EMA) parameter optimization, fast Fourier transform (FFT), and linear analysis features, help you succeed in certification tests.

A visual from the Simcenter Amesim software.

Electrical system modeling

Benefit from off-the-shelves models for batteries, fuel cells, power converters, linear actuators and electric motors to build any kind of electrical device architecture. Using the Simcenter multiphysics, multi-level, scalable and flexible approach, you can address many engineering issues like the design of the thermal management system, the assessment of the system performance, or efficiency with realistic mechanical or hydraulic loads, as well as the design and validation of your control.

Electrical system modeling flowchart.
Case study

PSA Peugeot Citroen

Siemens solutions enable PSA Peugeot Citroen to reduce product development time from months to weeks.

An electric Peugeot Citroen car at a charging station
Case Study

French automotive manufacturer uses Simcenter Amesim to optimize battery pack and reduce costs

Company:PSA Peugeot Citroën

Industry:Automotive & transportation

Location:Paris, France

Siemens Software:Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter Amesim