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Powertrain subsystem simulation

Enhance the design of your powertrain subsystems.

Simcenter provides the right modeling capabilities

Accelerate the design of your powertrain subsystems, including valvetrain, cranktrain, fuel injection, as well as lubrication and cooling loops. Simcenter provides you with the right modeling capabilities at any design phase with the appropriate level of detail and accuracy. You can study the performance of your subsystem and run different types of analysis, ranging from flow balancing to transient behavior, including thermal aspects or even high-frequency response.

Simcenter Amesim allows you to size your components, assess and optimize your system efficiency as well as design and validate your control strategies. You will be able to prepare the integration of your components within the powertrain environment by evaluating the interaction between the different subsystems, and with the combustion chamber. By analyzing the impact of your subsystem design on engine performance, fuel economy, emissions or even passenger comfort, you can define the best compromise to meet your initial objectives.

How to create and optimize the design of your external gear pump

Dive into the pump modeling world and find out how the Simcenter Amesim helps you create and optimize the design of your external gear pump.

Powertrain subsystems simulation capabilities

Cooling systems

Improve your cooling system design and study its interactions with connected subsystems and the underhood environment. With Simcenter Amesim, you can model engine warmup and associated key criteria (fuel consumption, cabin heating) while taking into account all thermal interactions with the different subsystems in a single environment. You will then be able to rapidly study the influence of topological modifications or alternative components (split cooling, materials changes or integration of an electric pump).


Fuel injection systems

Enhance the injector geometry to minimize the activation energy and perform the proper needle lift. Simcenter Amesim helps you optimize the pump geometry and the cam profile to reduce hydraulic losses, pressure oscillations, noise and vibrations. You can improve the stability of hydraulic valves and analyze the effect of the injector body deformation. By representing the dynamics of electromechanical actuators, you will be able to evaluate component performance with different types of actuating technologies.


Lubrication systems

Design lubrication systems by simulating the integration of hydraulics components (pumps, oil network and bearings) with mechanical systems (a crankshaft or a camshaft), to compute flow rates and energy loss distribution. Simcenter Amesim helps you analyze pressure dynamics using detailed subsystem models (variable displacement pumps or a cam phaser) to control your system accurately. You can also take into account the thermal aspects relative to the heat release of oil cooling and bearings.


Valvetrain & cranktrain

Optimize the performance of your valvetrain and cranktrain by accurately simulating their dynamic behavior. Simcenter Amesim enables precise computation of the engine subsystem losses (mechanical, thermal, hydraulic) to evaluate their impact on the global engine efficiency, estimate fuel consumption and pollutant emission levels, and quickly find the best subsystem design with maximum engine efficiency on real driving environment cycles.