Additively manufactured parts on a build tray with designed supports.

Additive manufacturing build preparation

Quality output requires a proper build tray setup, and that requires the proper tools.

Easily add, copy, orient and support parts

Preparation is key for the additive manufacturing (AM) process. Our build preparation solutions are integrated into the NX CAD/CAM environment to enable changes to part designs that seamlessly ripple down to the manufacturing setup, without file conversions or costly build setup rework.

Part placement and nesting

Print parts efficiently with complete control over part position and automated, efficient nesting within the build volume. This is why NX provides integrated tools for efficiently populating the build tray. Whether placing parts manually or automatically via integrated 2D and 3D nesting, NX gives you complete control to achieve efficiency and quality goals.

Parts that are 3D-nested into a build volume.

Part serialization

Maintain complete control over generating print marks for the tracking and certification of AM production. Many builds require parts in a build tray to be serialized with unique markings or numbers. This can be accomplished within the NX AM build preparation system, where unique identifiers can be applied manually, programmatically or via a spreadsheet interface.

Parts with individual serial numbers on a build tray.

Support structures

Generate and build quality support structures. For many additive manufacturing technologies, quality builds depend on quality support structures. NX provides solutions for the automatic generation of support structures, as well as provides access to the full NX CAD solution for designing custom supports. Regardless of whether you are an AM novice or power user, this tight integration is a massive advantage when printing parts where final article quality is paramount.

One printed part with the original support structures and another without the original support structures.
Case study

Unlimited Tomorrow

NX helps revolutionize remote development of personalized arm prosthetics for kids.
Case Study

NX helps revolutionize the remote development of personalized arm prosthetics for kids

Company:Unlimited Tomorrow

Industry:Medical devices & pharmaceuticals

Location:New York City, New York, United States

Siemens Software:NX