Opcenter Execution Foundation OEE

Opcenter Execution Foundation OEE is an on-premise overall equipment effectiveness solution (OEE) that calculates OEE values and performs downtime analysis.

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Make fully informed maintenance and operating decisions

Opcenter Execution Foundation OEE makes all needed data available to determine how well equipment is operating and to identify improvement opportunities.

Manage OEE system engineering and configuration
Easily generate plant engineering algorithms, time models, reason trees and state transition table (STT) calendars. Opcenter Execution Foundation OEE streamlines configuration tasks for your production and equipment engineers.

Manage OEE data
Monitor machine status and performance, calculate key performance indicators (KPIs) and archive all process data. Our OEE management software monitors machine availability, performance and part failure/rejection rate. It calculates OEE and makes this information visible to all stakeholders.

Perform analysis and drive corrective actions
Ensure rapid response to equipment issues. OEE management includes performance analysis, root cause analysis, messaging and alarms management with corrective actions, and downtime management.

Integrate vertically
Support OEE optimization with a manufacturing execution system (MES) and manufacturing intelligence system integration. Opcenter Execution Foundation OEE supports Opcenter Execution Discrete and Opcenter Execution Process MES software. It can also be integrated with shop floor user interfaces and reporting through Opcenter Intelligence.

OEE management tool.

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