Kineo Flexible Cables

Model the behavior of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic cables in your software applications by integrating Kineo Flexible Cables software component.

An industrial robot with a complex power and control cable configuration. Cable simulation software ensures the cable configuration supports efficient robot operation.

Why Kineo Flexible Cables?

Simulate the behavior of compliant cables, such as pneumatic hoses and electrical cables. Kineo Flexible Cables is well-suited to robot programming and simulation, where cables are subject to large deformations and high stresses in complex motion environments.

A high-performance solver simulates full robot dresspacks, comprised of multiple cables with a wide range of cable attachment and retraction systems.

Integrated collision detection ensures that cables respect collision-free motion. Stress calculations predict cable tension, flexion and torsion, while effects of gravity, cable inertia and geometric non-linearity are automatically accounted for.

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Industrial robots, machine tools and coordinate measurement machines employ a wide range of compliant cables to deliver power and control for manufacturing and inspection processes—electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic cables, for example.

Cable simulation must take account of the variable physical properties of such cables. Kineo Flexible Cables enables applications to define a wide range of cables by specifying associated physical parameters, such as length, radius, density and stiffness. Additional variables such as reinforced sections and preformed curvature can also be defined.

The resulting cable simulation takes account of these physical properties as the cable is moved/deformed during machine motion. Additional factors including contact with other objects, gravity and inertia are modeled simultaneously. Feedback on cable tension, flexion and torsion enables applications to predict performance on the factory floor.

Industrial machine motion causes repeated strain on power and control cables through stretching, twisting or bending, which can result in deterioration and ultimate failure.

To minimize damage, robot dresspacks offer a range of cable attachments to ensure cables have appropriate freedom to move in such a way that strain is reduced.

Kineo Flexible Cables offers a comprehensive set of tools for modeling the growing range of cable attachments on the market, from ball-joint terminations and simple rotating clamps to sophisticated cable retraction systems that manage cable feed to eliminate the risks posed by slack cable configurations.

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