Simcenter Micred LED Tester

Characterize LED thermal, electrical and radiometric/photometric performance using an accurate measurement test station that supports LED lighting thermal design.

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Representation of the Simcenter Micred Quality Tester.

Why Simcenter Micred LED Tester?

Accurately describe the thermal properties of LEDs using an integrated thermal, photometric and radiometric testing station.

Combine thermal, radiometric and photometric testing of LEDs
Together with Simcenter Micred LED Tester thermal characterization hardware, Simcenter Micred LED Tester temperature-controlled test stage forms a combined electrical, thermal and radiometric/photometric testing station for LEDs and LED modules. This creates multi-domain compact models that can be used in Simcenter thermal design software.

Comply with JEDEC standards
These LED testing solutions conform to the JEDEC JESD51-52 standard and follow CIE technical reports 127:2007 and 225:2017. Real thermal resistance and light output metrics are measured as a function of real LED junction temperature over a wide range of forwarding currents. The process is fully automated. Third-party spectroradiometers help capture emission spectra, providing further input for precise modeling of LED package light output properties in lighting design.

Thermal characterization of complex electronics: A basic primer on structure functions

Read this white paper and learn about the role of thermal transient measurement to characterize semiconductor thermal behavior.

Simcenter Micred LED Tester capabilities

Thermal testing

The family of thermal characterization hardware solutions provides component and systems suppliers with the ability to accurately and efficiently test, measure, and thermally characterize semiconductor integrated circuit packages, single and arrayed LEDs, stacked and multi-die packages, power electronics modules, thermal interface material (TIM) properties and complete electronic systems. 

Our hardware solutions directly measure the actual heating or cooling curves of packaged semiconductor devices continuously and in real time, rather than artificially composing this from the results of several individual tests. Measuring the true thermal transient response in this way is far more efficient and accurate, leading to more accurate thermal metrics than steady-state methods. Measurements only need to be performed once per sample, rather than repeated and an average taken as with steady-state methods.

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A visual of the Simcenter Micred Powertester hardware.