Simcenter Micred TIM Tester

Accurately determine thermal interface material (TIM) thermal properties with a thermal transient-based, smart interpretation of the ASTM standard D5470 method.

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Represantion of the Simcenter Micred TIM Tester.

Why Simcenter Micred TIM Tester?

Implement the AST D5470 standard based on highly accurate transient measurements and reduce parasitic heat loss with our thermal interface material tester.

Test the thermal conductivity of thermal interface materials
Simcenter Micred TIM Tester offers a smart implementation of the ASTM D5470 standard, based on transient rather than steady-state measurements, with highly accurate bond line thickness control in 1 µm steps to maximize measurement accuracy. Automated control of sample thickness or pressure makes it ideal for soft samples and specially prepared metallic samples, complementing existing thermal conductivity test systems. It is available as a stand-alone system or as a fixture for Simcenter T3STER. It fully automates the measurement process, saving time and effort, while delivering ±5% repeatability under measurement conditions close to the real application. Simple and robust, the system is easy to operate.

Simcenter Micred TIM Tester capabilities

Thermal testing

The family of thermal characterization hardware solutions provide component and systems suppliers with the ability to accurately and efficiently test, measure and thermally characterize semiconductor integrated circuit packages, single and arrayed LEDs, stacked and multi-die packages, power electronics modules, thermal interface material (TIM) properties, and complete electronic systems.

Our hardware solutions directly measure the actual heating or cooling curves of packaged semiconductor devices continuously and in real time, rather than artificially composing this from the results of several individual tests. Measuring the true thermal transient response in this way is far more efficient and accurate, leading to more accurate thermal metrics than steady-state methods. Measurements only need to be performed once per sample, rather than repeated and an average taken as with steady state methods.

Thermal testing

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A visual of the Simcenter Micred Powertester hardware.