A range of data acquisition system hardware.


Data acquisition systems

Select hardware from an end-to-end solution partner.

Streamline your testing process

There is a lot of hardware involved when testing and measuring. No matter where your hardware comes from, your requirements are always similar: you expect it to be easy to setup, robust, flexible, precise and reliable. Streamline your purchase, testing and maintenance processes by selecting hardware from a partner that supplies end-to-end solutions for your multiphysics testing requirements, from sensors and exciters to comprehensive data acquisition, analysis and reporting solutions.

Our extensive range of miniature shakers and sound sources, third-party transducers and sensors, data acquisition hardware, and sound source localization solutions are designed to help you set up and carry out tests faster and more efficiently than before.

Efficient road load data acquisition

Road load data acquisition (RLDA) is an excellent method for measuring precise vehicle response.

Data acquisition systems capabilities

Autonomous data recording

Field testing often requires a mobile data acquisition system that records data without a PC. Depending on your testing needs, use our intelligent recorder autonomously, as a smart device operated by a wireless tablet or connected to a PC for in-field and laboratory applications.

Man uses a Simcenter intelligent recorder to perform a field test

Excitation hardware

Simcenter Qsources is a comprehensive suite of advanced vibration testing equipment and acoustic monopole sources for noise and vibration testing. It seamlessly integrates with Simcenter testing solutions software, delivering a unique solution combination that exceeds current market standards for productivity, data accuracy and overall customer expectations.

Relying on more than 40 years of experience in noise and vibration technology, our offering includes testing developed and manufactured with input from customers and suppliers. The resulting suite of vibration equipment with real-world application capabilities will meet your product functionality, quality and reliability goals.

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Engineer using a Simcenter advanced vibration testing equipment.

Handheld data acquisition

Enjoy the flexibility and broad noise and vibration testing functionalities of our handheld data acquisition solution. It provides the ideal size, flexibility and measurement performance for optimal mobility that allows instant field diagnostics and troubleshooting. It comes with a dedicated tablet application that allows non-expert users to easily setup measurements, validate acquired data on the spot, and export it into industry-proven formats.

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An engineer using a Simcenter vibration testing device

Laboratory data acquisition

For your most demanding testing jobs, count on our rack-based laboratory data acquisition solution that offers expandable, channel-count independent data acquisition, and highly reliable, high-speed throughput performance. It is optimized for a wide range of applications, such as high-channel-count modal surveys, aircraft ground vibration tests and high-speed throughput or turbine tests.

Two engineers performing an experiment on a computer in an aircraft hanger

Mobile data acquisition

For your field and laboratory testing activities, rely on our compact, multi-channel data acquisition system, designed for a wide range of multiphysics applications. It incorporates robustness, reliability and acquisition power into a portable and rugged design. For expanding channel count on demand, combine multiple mobile data acquisition systems or connect them to one of our laboratory systems.

A Simcenter multi-channel data acquisition system on the passenger seat of a car

Multiphysics testing

Configure your data acquisition hardware according to your testing requirements. Our broad range of input modules supports a large variety of transducers and signal conditioning capabilities, combining analog and digital signals. It covers a broad range of physical types, including vibration, forces, strain, displacement, temperature, sound, torsion, pressure, CAN-bus, GPS and many more.

The front panel of a Simcenter SCADS recorder

Pass-by noise hardware

The job of pass-by noise testing teams becomes more intricate by the day, with lowering pass-by noise level limits and updated certification standards. Our comprehensive pass-by noise offering includes reliable hardware to equip your exterior or interior pass-by noise facility, tools to speed up the vehicle certification process, as well as advanced pass-by noise engineering and prediction software capabilities.

A microphone checking the pass-by noise level of a moving car

Rugged data acquisition

Test faster and more cost-effective in harsh environments. Real-world load data collected on agricultural, construction and mining equipment is essential for both virtual and physical machine performance validation and verification. Our rugged data acquisition system deploys precise multiphysics measurements anytime and anywhere.

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Simcenter SCADAS hardware device setup on the tractor.

Sound source localization systems

With sound source localization, confirm that you work on the right problem before fixing it. Our solutions combine hardware and software to efficiently localize and quantify sound sources.

A Siemens engineer using the Simcenter Sound Camera on a car engine.