A couple of engineers setting up the Simcenter SCADAS hardware device on a tractor.


Rugged data acquisition

Fast and cost-effective testing in harsh environments.

Precise multiphysics measurements anytime and anywhere

Real-world load data collected on agricultural, construction and mining equipment is essential for both virtual and physical machine performance validation and verification.
Field test conditions are among the hardest due to extreme temperatures, moisture, mud, dust, high shock and vibration levels which pose challenges on any equipment.

Impending deadlines require speeding up the acquisition campaign by optimizing operational processes from start to finish. It is critical to be able to capture as many physical phenomena as possible at the same time during measurements.

Field work requires a system that offers scalability from small to large channel count, flexibility, instrumenting and mounting the equipment in any possible way. Users need to connect from any location, from their desk, on the proving ground, or over remote networks with any device, including a smartphone. Field workers need a system that provides
engineering insights, extreme data quality, and on-board performance, providing assurance the correct data is captured before leaving the field.

Our rugged data acquisition system deploys precise multiphysics measurements anytime and anywhere. Its rugged design, extreme flexibility, superior performance and unparalleled connectivity facilitate faster and more cost-effective execution of the most demanding test

Increase your durability engineering insight

Learn during this webinar how to save development time and money for your heavy equipment machinery with a ruggedized, flexible and multiphysics data acquisition system.

Rugged data acquisition capabilities

Extreme flexibility

Our scalable and flexible systems support centralized, distributed, or combined topologies to optimally match the device under test. Minimize cabling costs and complexity by distributing your measurements closer to your sensors. Quickly insert extra conditioning units to scale from 12 up to 1000+ synchronized channels. Reduce installation and configuration time through parallel instrumentation of subparts.

Simcenter SCADAS RS hardware device.

Rugged Design

Our highly reliable systems are fit for the toughest tests. They are water and dust protected with an ingress protection rating up to IP66/67, incorporate standard industrial connectors, have flexible mounting options, are shock (up to 100g) and vibration (up to 10grms) resistant for vibration-heavy environments and operate under a wide temperature range from -40 °C to +65°C.

Junction relay with lots of wiring.

Superior Performance

There is no need to trade ruggedness for performance. For the best possible accuracy, all inputs from voltage sensors, strain gauges, ICP, thermocouples, digital, CAN bus, video and more are automatically synchronized and carefully conditioned and filtered to minimize measurement noise and drift. Smart onboard processing diagnoses sensor streams during measurement to avoid capturing wrong data. Vast amounts of raw data are automatically reduced to the essentials when long-term recording.

Simcenter SCADAS hardware devices.

Unparalleled Connectivity

To take your testing experience to another level, every system includes a web-based application for secure access from anywhere using your mobile, tablet or desktop. With just a few clicks it quickly and easily configures, takes measurements, visualizes, analyzes and uploads measurements – data collection as simple as it can get!

Simcenter SCADAS hardware device connected with multiple devices.
Case Study

AGCO uses Simcenter solutions

AGCO deploys Siemens solutions to develop reliable tractors that meet tough South American field requirements.

AGCO uses Simcenter solutions to reduce durability field data acquisition time by 50 percent
Case Study

AGCO uses Simcenter solutions to reduce durability field data acquisition time by 50 percent

Company:AGCO Brazil

Industry:Heavy equipment

Location:Canoas, Brazil

Siemens Software:Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter Testing Solutions