The interior of a thermo-liquid processing plant.


Detailed design of thermo-fluid systems

Transient analyses for detailed design throughout the entire engineering phase.

Efficient operation of thermo-fluid systems

Guarantee safe and efficient operation of thermo-fluid systems under any scenario. With the fast, reliable and rigorously tested transient solver, you can simulate the dynamic behavior of thermo-fluid systems of any size and complexity. Re-use the same models you used during early design for system and component sizing in detailed design for transient analyses. This guarantees model and data continuity throughout the entire engineering phase. 

You can analyze the dynamic behavior of the system in critical scenarios like pump failure, emergency valve closure, priming, blowdown and venting. The model accounts for complex phenomena such as pressure surge, line packing, visco-elasticity of plastic pipes, cavitation, chocking and full compressibility of gas.

Detailed design of thermo-fluid systems capabilities

Transient analysis of thermo-fluid systems

Ensure safe and efficient operation of thermo-fluid systems in any operating condition. You can quickly evaluate multiple operating strategies and track changes in temperature, pressure and flow at any time and at any location in the system. The transient solver is rigorously tested for detailed design and allows you to accurately analyze the complex dynamic physics happening in the system during critical operations, emergency scenarios and failures.

A visual of the Simcenter software.

Pressure surge and hydrodynamic forces

Ensure system safety during rapid transient events like valve closures, pump failure or compressor start. With the accurate and reliable transient solver, you can evaluate multiple strategies to mitigate excess pressures or cavitation, account for damping effects due to pipe visco-elasticity and size additional surge suppression devices. Once the surge analysis is done, you can automatically export the resulting hydrodynamic forces in order to perform the pipe stress analysis with your tool of choice.

Schematic representation of pressure surge and hydrodynamic forces.

Thermal analysis of thermo-fluid systems

Assess system hydraulic and thermal safety and efficiency at the same time and avoid temperature build-ups while reducing overcapacity. With the advanced thermal solver, you can account for varying operational loads, and analyze the impact of pipe insulation and external environment for underwater or buried pipes capturing all thermal inertia effects like cold slugging. You can choose the required level of detail: from simplified to highly detailed models of industrial heat exchangers based on your needs.

Diagram of thermal analysis of thermo-fluid systems.

Design of experiments for thermo-fluid system engineering

Conduct what-if analyses using a range of algorithms from Latin Square to Monte Carlo simulations. With this advanced capability, you can examine the effect of different design and operating parameters on the safety and performance of the fluid system. This also allows you to create meta-models and response surfaces that characterize the behavior of complex thermo-fluid systems.

Graphical representation of the design of experiments for thermo-fluid system engineering.
Case study

Team Bath Racing

With the help of Simcenter Flomaster, Team Bath Racing were able to reduce the cost, time and resources needed to physically test all these aspects.

Team Bath Racing takes to the track with improved thermal performance
Case Study

Team Bath Racing takes to the track with improved thermal performance

Company:University of Bath - Team Bath Racing

Industry:Automotive & transportation

Location:Bath, United Kingdom

Siemens Software:Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter Flomaster