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Finite element pre- and post-processing

Simcenter offers the tools you need to reduce the time you spend preparing finite element analysis models and spend more time evaluating results.

Prepare models faster

The finite element analysis simulation process includes steps for model preparation, often called pre-processing, and results analysis, often called post-processing. Pre-processing steps include importing, defeaturing, and cleaning up CAD geometry, creating the finite element mesh, and defining loads and boundary conditions as well as solution parameters. Pre-processing is often the longest, most time-consuming step in the simulation process.

Simcenter can help you spend more time evaluating product performance and less time preparing your models. Quickly move from multi-CAD geometry data to a complete, run-ready analysis model using unique tools for CAE geometry editing, comprehensive meshing, finite element assembly management, multi-CAE solver environments, and fast simulation results post-processing and reporting. Quickly and efficiently pre- and post-process simulation models for accurate and fast simulation solvers so you can spend more time engineering innovation.

3D model of a car frame with heat mapping visual from Simcenter 3D software.

Finite element pre- and post-processing capabilities

Import CAD models from any source. Easily defeature CAD geometry to remove sliver surfaces and other detailed geometry that is irrelevant for simulation. Use abstract solid geometry for thin-walled models to create mid-surfaces when creating a 2D shell mesh.

3D model of a car body frame

Efficiently mesh your models using extensive modeling functions for automatic and manual mesh generation of 1D, 2D and 3D elements in addition to numerous techniques for the application of loads and boundary conditions. User-defined geometry edits, mesh and boundary conditions are all associated with the base design, which means when the base design geometry changes, you can rapidly update your model. This approach greatly reduces downstream modeling time, which results in huge time savings across a project’s many design-analysis iterations.

3D image of a van body frame

Easily visualize, animate and report on your simulation results. Simcenter pre- and post-processing tools give you the commands you need to understand what is happening to your model in detail. You can also export high-resolution images and animations, as well as automate report creation so you can share with various development stakeholders.

Linear analysis of a mechanical structure visual from Simcenter 3D software.

As companies increase their reliance on simulation, they seek ways to speed up the analysis process and increase simulation throughput. One way to increase simulation throughput is to capture repetitive CAE processes, standardize them, and then automate them. Simcenter allows you to capture the expertise of senior analysts and make it available for junior engineers in your organization to use in the form of wizards or templates.

3D image of a car engine manifold

In the quest to make products lighter and stronger, manufacturers are increasing their use of composite materials. However, is also prohibitively expensive to create prototypes from composites, so simulation must play a vital role in the development of new products using laminate composite materials.

Simcenter is at the leading edge of composites analysis through its continuous development of material models and element types. Simcenter speeds the entire process of simulating laminate composite materials through a seamless connection to composites design, accurate solvers and comprehensive post-processing.

Computer image of a laminate composite being stress tested
Case study

Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Simcenter Femap with Nastran played a critical role in the design of NASA’s Orion spacecraft. A sixty analyst team used the integrated solver and pre- and post-processor to optimize the design of the successor to the space shuttle.

NASA’s new Orion spacecraft
Case Study

Simcenter Femap with Nastran plays a critical role in the design of NASA’s new Orion spacecraft

Company:Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Industry:Aerospace & defense

Location:Denver, Colorado, United States

Siemens Software:Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter Femap