Engineering using Simcenter software on a laptop connected with SCADAS hardware device.


Vibration control testing

Streamline product certification with vibration control.

Perform vibration control tests in full confidence

Vibration control testing is a crucial step in a product's validation process, assuring that the component or assembly can withstand the vibrations occurring during the real-life operating conditions it is designed for. Engineers must comply with various vibration qualification standards and environments to certify a wide range of devices of different scales and sizes, requiring a safe, highly efficient, and flexible process in place.

To ensure a streamlined certification process, Simcenter offers a unique bundle to accurately and realistically replicate the vibrations your product will undergo in its complete lifetime with a shaker test. Our high-end solution combines best-in-class acquisition hardware with predefined software templates to perform closed-loop shaker tests with various input excitation profiles, ranging from standard sine to random, shock and tracked sine dwell.

Perform vibration control tests confidently, from set-up to system identification and verification, using one single platform for measurement, processing and analysis. Our solution offers a scalable and flexible environment accessible to engineers of different levels of expertise. Simcenter vibration control ensures full traceability of experimental data and results and boosts collaboration and communication with colleagues with diverse backgrounds and levels of expertise.

Simcenter vibration control testing

Use Simcenter SCADAS Mobile and Simcenter Testlab to enhance vibration control testing.
Leverage streamlined and highly efficient product certification procedures.