Simcenter thermal testing hardware, circuits, and a laptop displaying a thermal test


Thermal testing

Thermally test and characterize semiconductor devices.

Measure packaged semiconductor devices in real time

The family of thermal characterization hardware solutions provides component and systems suppliers with the ability to accurately and efficiently test, measure and thermally characterize semiconductor integrated circuit packages, single and arrayed LEDs, stacked and multi-die packages, power electronics modules, thermal interface material (TIM) properties, and complete electronic systems.

Our hardware solutions directly measure the actual heating or cooling curves of packaged semiconductor devices continuously and in real time, rather than artificially composing this from the results of several individual tests. Measuring the true thermal transient response in this way is far more efficient and accurate, leading to more precise thermal metrics than steady-state methods. Measurements only need to be performed once per sample, rather than repeated, and an average taken as with steady-state methods.

Improving power electronics thermal design and reliability using test and simulation

For compact design of reliable power electronics modules in applications such as vehicle electrification, rail, aerospace and power conversion, the thermal management at component-to-module level must be evaluated carefully during development.

Case study

Yaskawa Electric

Simcenter T3STER allows global electric company to directly measure chip temperatures and increase product thermal quality.

Yaskawa delivers customer satisfaction using Siemens’  advanced thermal testing solution
Case Study

Yaskawa delivers customer satisfaction using Siemens’ advanced thermal testing solution

Company:Yaskawa Electric

Location:Kitakyushu Fukuoka, Japan

Siemens Software:Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter Micred T3STER