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Thermo-fluid system maintenance

Achieve operational excellence and maximize the return on investment leveraging the digital twin of your thermo-fluid systems throughout its entire lifecycle.

The digital twin of your thermo-fluid systems

Maximize the return on investment leveraging the digital twin of your thermo-fluid systems throughout its entire lifecycle. You can reuse the model built in the engineering phase as an executable digital twin to support procurement, commissioning and operations.

Perform a cost-based design optimization to minimize both capital and operational expenditures and support procurement operations. Connect the digital twin of your thermo-fluid system to a virtual programmable logic controller (PLC) to verify their interactions in a safe virtual environment before the system is built. Finally, connecting the executable digital twin to the real system sensors and controllers via industrial Internet of Things (IoT), you can augment the information available to the operators to maximize efficiency and safety of system operations.

Reducing costs while improving the safety of all complex thermo-fluid systems

Fluid systems are used for a variety of tasks including cooling and heating, product transport, energy production, and overall plant safety. It is critical to optimize their performance and safety.

Thermo-fluid system maintenance capabilities

Virtual commissioning of thermo-fluid systems

Increase the efficiency of your design cycle using virtual commissioning. This enables you to debug automation control logic and PLC code in a virtual environment before download to real equipment. By simulating and validating your automation equipment virtually, you can confirm that they will work as expected and significantly reduce system installation cost and startup time.

Schematic representation of virtual commissioning of thermo-fluid systems.

Thermo-fluid systems operator training

Minimize the time between commissioning and operation by training staff before the system is fully operational. Re-use the model created in the engineering phase to create an exact digital twin of the system and run it behind an operator dashboard with no requirements on existing equipment. Trainees can explore the full system envelope without risk and understand how it responds to their actions. This leads to a more reliable and productive workforce.

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Real-time monitoring of thermo-fluid systems

Improve plant safety and performance with real-time monitoring. Starting from the digital twin created in the engineering phase, you can create the executable digital twin of the thermo-fluid system that runs in real time during operation. The executable digital twin is used for virtual sensing to provide augmented information to the operators. It is also used for real-time predictive maintenance, reliability analysis and fault detection.

Equipment used for real-time monitoring of thermo-fluid systems.