Opcenter Execution Electronics

Opcenter Execution Electronics to system realizacji produkcji dostosowany do wymogów produkcji płytek drukowanych, montażu mechanicznego i integracji systemów.

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Realize rapid time-to-market and high quality

Opcenter Execution Electronics provides efficient production ramp-up and execution through a seamless data flow from design to manufacturing.

Leverage a holistic MES for electronics solution
Manage complexity through out-of-the-box (OOTB) machine connectivity, automation and operator guidance. Support the entire product lifecycle with an expanded digital thread, managing production workflows, specifications and advanced electronic work instructions (EWI). Opcenter Execution Electronics provides best-in-class electronics manufacturing execution system (MES) capabilities in one solution, including a wide range of industry-specific functionality for process, quality, material, genealogy and performance management.

Electronics manufacturing execution system employees working on a project.

Employ accelerated, secure new product introduction
Build printed circuit boards (PCB) and box-build products right the first time, ensuring as-designed manufacturing with paperless operations. Opcenter Execution Electronics streamlines the new product introduction (NPI) process and establishes flexible operations to support product changes and early improvements. This MES for electronics efficiently manages each potential design or engineering issue identified on the shop floor with closed-loop feedback to the product lifecycle management (PLM) system.

Electronics manufacturing execution system employees working tool in a lab environment.

Improve shop floor management and efficiency
Enable materials, equipment, processes and operators to be employed specifically as-defined by the engineering department. Our MES for electronics improves the management of shop floor complexity while enhancing efficiency levels and reducing training and maintenance costs.

Electronics manufacturing execution system machine.

Optimize production capacity and performance
Generate optimized and detailed production plans and schedules to efficiently balance demand and capacity across surface-mount technology (SMT) and assembly lines in a single solution. Then optimize manufacturing execution using the system's online production visibility of trends, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and other key performance indicators (KPIs). Integrated with Opcenter Scheduling Electronics and production engineering, our MES for electronics enables the implementation of efficient, responsive and flexible factories that respond to ever-changing customer demand. Fewer defects and reduced machine and line downtime raise your overall production performance.

Electronics manufacturing execution system robot working on a computer board.

Gain consistent and flexible material flow
Leverage just-in-time (JIT) technology to provide a consistent material flow to the production lines based on demand. Integrated with Opcenter Intraplant Logistics, our MES for electronics solution addresses the diversity of material management needs, significantly reducing inventory, providing smoother manufacturing flow and eliminating bottlenecks and unexpected delays.

A factory employee working on an electronics manufacturing execution system.

Enjoy full traceability and compliance
Provide full traceability of all PCB production and/or box-build production and easy access to as-built data. Compliance and traceability are provided by Opcenter Execution Electronics for production execution, process, quality, material and performance, as well as configuration and change management.

An employee showing his co-worker how to work the electronics manufacturing execution system.

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