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Opcenter Scheduling SMT

Opcenter Scheduling SMT supports decision-making for resource allocation, order prioritization, production batches, due date negotiation and order processing.

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Opcenter Advanced Scheduling SMT

Make smart, dynamic scheduling decisions

Powerful line planning and capacity capabilities help electronics manufacturing planners make smart, dynamic scheduling decisions at the factory level. Create realistic production schedules based on actual factory capacity, and react to changes in the manufacturing environment.

Group products intelligently
Generate optimal product groups. Take into consideration machine capacity, feeder and material availability, and work-order priority. Control optimization parameters, such as due dates, production time and change-overs. Compare different scenarios and then choose the schedule that best fits your needs.

An image on a computer showing smt intelligent product grouping feature.

Track performance
React to changes quickly using actual versus scheduled performance tracking. Detect potential bottlenecks in time to prevent them. Modify shift schedules or add additional lines to see how the changes affect your ability to meet deadlines. Update schedules and export them for added visibility and monitoring.

Performance tracking on a laptop.

Simulate production plans
Easily make on-the-fly optimizations based on different scenarios to support the planner’s decision-making process. Additional what-if scenarios can be made based on scheduled material arrival and material location data. Then generate realistic surface-mount technology (SMT) production schedules based on actual factory capacity and constraints.

Production plan simulation - smt-production-plan-simulation-feature-640x360

Start quickly with built-in connectivity
Opcenter Scheduling SMT offers built-in connectivity to a range of SMT production solutions and to Valor Process Preparation software. This gets you started quickly and allows simple daily workflows, as well as eliminates manual, error-prone processes.


Integrate seamlessly with SAP
Opcenter Scheduling SMT enables you to save the time and effort typically required to coordinate between SAP and your scheduling process. Extract work orders, required delivery dates, release data and material stock levels from SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) simply and easily.


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