Opcenter Planning

Opcenter Planning software considers forecast and long-term orders, supports feasibility decision making, and affects the general direction of production.

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Opcenter Advanced Planning

Advanced planning boosts utilization, on-time delivery

Opcenter Planning is a powerful production and capacity planning system that helps you make strategic decisions about your factories, resources and workforce.

Improve bill of materials planning
A planned bill of materials (BOM) can be expanded into its list of raw materials. The production plan for these items can then be calculated. Based on the BOM and the production plan, the proposed materials purchase requirements can be exported to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or Excel for action.

Enable make-to-order planning
Replenish raw materials and component inventories to ensure production readiness and flow. Make-to-order (MTO) planning requires close coordination of the entire supply chain and an ongoing evaluation of future demand changes, including their effect on the manufacturing environment.

Perform make-to-stock planning
Generate accurate and achievable master production schedules (MPS). Consider the following: rough cut capacity, pack-forward figures, target days of stock cover, manufacturing preferences, minimum and maximum reorder quantities, reorder multiples, and product shelf life. Production capacity can be specified as a quantity, duration or weight.

Visualize production schedules
Once an initial master production schedule (MPS) is created, data can be displayed as stock profile graphs and capacity usage graphs. The MPS can be changed by simply clicking and dragging a point on the stock or capacity graphs, and the production of a particular item can be moved from one planning period to another. Any changes will be reflected in all the linked plot and grid windows.

Interactive Schedule Visualization
Case Study

Sumida Group

A factory floor with multiple manufacturing machines
Case Study

Improving delivery reliability and lead time with Siemens solutions

Company:SUMIDA Group

Industry:Electronics, Semiconductor devices

Location:Lehesten, Germany

Siemens Software:Opcenter APS

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