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Multiphysics simulation

Accurately predict physical product performance with multiphysics analysis.

Tackle the most complex engineering challenges

An uncomfortable truth about modern engineering is that there really are no easy problems left to solve. In order to meet the demands of industry, it’s no longer good enough to do a bit of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) or some stress analysis. Complex industrial problems require solutions that span a multitude of physical phenomena, which often can only be solved using simulation techniques that cross several engineering disciplines. Simcenter solutions offers engineers a suite of tools to tackle these challenges.

Simcenter can help you streamline multiphysics simulation so that you can more accurately simulate real-world conditions. It brings together world-class solvers in one platform, making multiphysics analysis safer, more effective and reliable. Results from one analysis can be readily cascaded to the next.

Simcenter 3D for multiphysics simulation

Leverage the use of industry-standard solvers for a full range of applications.

Multiphysics simulation capabilities

One-way data exchange

In this simplest case, the physics may be weakly coupled, and it is accurate and easy to chain the different physics solutions. The response results from the first solution provide data to be used as load input by a second physics solution. Because of weak coupling, the second physics does not affect the first physics.

A visual of the Simcenter 3D multiphysics simulation integrated environment.

Two-way data exchange

When there is a stronger coupling between physics, they cannot be treated separately, and a more tightly coupled solution is required. In that case, a complex algorithmic basis with advanced coupling schemes are required to run the different physics solutions simultaneously, which is often referred to as co-simulation.

Visual of Simcenter 3D streamlines multiphysics simulation.

Integrated coupled

The most substantial level of coupling is where the solver computing both physics together in an integrated fashion. Simcenter performs vibro-acoustic analysis through an integrated, coupled solution.

Watch vibro-acoustics simulation and testing webinar

Computer graphic of a Simcenter vibro-acoustic analysis being performed on an integrated, coupled solution.

Multiphysics and industrial machinery

Listen to experts explain what multiphysics simulation is, discuss the benefits, and look at what one company was able to accomplish once they incorporated multiphysics simulation into their processes.

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