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Early design of thermo-fluid systems

Simcenter offers simulation solutions for thermo-fluid systems, helping you reduce cost and accelerate time-to-market.

Make early design decisions of thermo-fluid systems with confidence

Improve time-to-market and reduce cost simulating thermo-fluid systems of any scale and complexity early in the design phase. Save time by automatically importing geometrical data (P&ID, CAD or GIS) to build your model and use the accurate static solver to rapidly size and balance your systems. The advanced post-processing allows you to understand system behavior at a glance and to identify issues when changes can be applied with minimal impact on costs.

Best-in-class solvers and built-in correlations guarantee the accuracy of the simulation results. Thanks to the large library of components based on Miller data, a set of highly accurate real measures taken on industrial size rigs and validated by different users over many years, you can make early design and procurement decisions with confidence.

Early design of thermo-fluid systems capabilities

Thermo-fluid system geometry import

You could save over 90% of the time building the simulation model of your thermo-fluid system. Whether the geometric data is in the form of P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagram), piping isometric, native 3D CAD, or GIS (geographic information system), you can use these to automatically create the model in just a few clicks, eliminating manual input errors and saving precious time that can be dedicated to more valuable engineering tasks.

Visual of Thermo-fluid system geometry import.

Thermo-fluid system and components sizing

Select properly sized components for safe and efficient system performance. Early in the design process, it is necessary to select critical components such as pumps, compressors and heat exchangers because they have a large effect on the overall performance and operating cost of the system over its life. You can make informed component decisions thanks to the fast and accurate static solver based on empirical data from Internal Flow Systems by Don Miller.

A visual of a pump performance flow chart from the Simcenter software.

Thermo-fluid system balancing

Ensure adequate flow and temperature conditions through complex, multi-branched systems for optimal system performance. Typically, field technicians manually adjust system settings to deliver fluid flow rates required through trial and error. Using the dedicated flow balancing capability, you can virtually size restrictions or determine control valve openings, reducing what normally takes weeks of fieldwork on a live system to just few seconds on the digital twin.

Flowchart of thermo-fluid system balancing.

Visual physics

Understand the behavior of your thermo-fluid systems at a glance. With several ways to visualize any result directly on the model, visual physics reduces the time needed to manually post-process results. This means more time that you can spend on making valuable engineering decisions. It also means quickly sharing your insights with colleagues in a manner easily understood at any level in the organization.

Representation of visual physics.

Miller data

Ready-to-use components characterized with Miller data (Internal Flow Systems) to analyze your thermo-fluid systems. This is a set of highly accurate empirical data based on measures taken on industrial size rigs. Internal Flow Systems describes the data and procedures and is the standard reference for engineers involved with thermo-fluid systems design.

Books and graphics of Miller data (Internal Flow Systems).
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The use of Simcenter Flomaster allows a significant streamlining of the development process. From the very beginning, creating the fluid model is easy and intuitive.

Harnessing the power of the wind with Simcenter solutions
Case Study

Harnessing the power of the wind with Simcenter solutions

Company:ZF Wind Power

Industry:Energy & utilities

Location:Lommel, Belgium

Siemens Software:Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter Flomaster