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NVH testing

Boost efficiency in every step of the noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) measurement process.

Why is noise, vibration and harshness important?

Noise, vibration and harshness are all characteristics passengers experience that shape their perception of quality in your vehicle. Too much of one of these, or the wrong “note” can mean negative reviews and impact future sales. So it’s no wonder why manufacturers devote so much time and resources towards optimizing NVH in their vehicles to improve customer perceptions. But do you have the right equipment and software for efficiently evaluating NVH performance?

Enhance productivity in your NVH measurement campaign

NVH test engineers face the dual challenge of reducing time-to-market and development costs while ensuring quality and completeness. Limited prototype availability and testing time further complicate their work, demanding increased efficiency in product validation. In this challenging environment, they must evaluate multiple test conditions and applications while still meeting the highest standards.

Simcenter provides dedicated solutions for NVH teams to optimize NVH testing campaigns. Combine scalable acquisition hardware with our measurement, processing and analysis software to make NVH assessments more cost-effective. Simcenter’s intuitive and scalable NVH testing solutions enable efficient measurement, analysis, reporting and data sharing. They support a wide range of NVH activities at different stages of the development cycle, from troubleshooting to high channel count multi-physics performance testing campaigns.

Latest innovations in vehicle NVH operational testing

Learn how to quickly assess noise and vibration in operational conditions in a flexible setup. Discover how to acquire more NVH information in less time and be confident in the quality.

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Emotors uses Simcenter NVH testing tools to excel at engineering automotive e-drives

Case Study

Creating a series of next-generation 25 to 250 kW e-drives in five years


Industry:Automotive & transportation

Location:Carrières-sous-Poissy, France

Siemens Software:Simcenter Testing Solutions

NVH testing capabilities

Operational data collection

In an environment where prototypes are limited, combining multi-attribute measurements is crucial for cost-saving and meeting tight testing deadlines. Whether you need ruggedized distributed systems for in-field measurements, high channel count test-bench systems or battery-powered pocket-sized devices, our state-of-the-art hardware, combined with user-centric software or web applications, can significantly reduce testing time. Handle a variety of sensor types and multiple data rates, configure channel set-ups in no time to streamlining multiple test setups into a single multi-channel measurement session. Save costs and boost productivity of your test campaigns with our multi-attribute data acquisition solutions combined with intuitive software for efficient data collection.

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A range of Simcenter SCADAS hardware systems.


Ensure data integrity and streamline troubleshooting with our powerful NVH software suite. Our validation capabilities include an efficient data comparison and visualization tool for real-time data analysis. Automatically validate acquired data with customizable criteria to focus only on validated scenarios for high-quality analysis, eliminating unreliable measurements. Gain rapid insights into your noise and vibration data with interactive audio replay and filtering. And quickly identify critical elements before advanced processing for efficient analysis.

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A testing engineer reviewing vibration results in the latest version of Simcenter Testlab 2306.


Explore a comprehensive range of processing capabilities for all analysis needs: from quick frequency content analysis to advanced sound quality metrics, torsional vibration, angle domain and human body vibration. Choose from predefined processing templates for standard analysis or create customized processes using an intuitive and modern interface. Experience the power of Simcenter Testlab and simplify your analysis workflows today.

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Simcenter Testlab Neo software user interface (UI).

Reporting and sharing

As the amount of data from physical and virtual testing campaigns grows, it is fundamental to annotate, organize, report and share any relevant data. Unlock the power of efficient data centralization and reuse with Simcenter Testlab Data Management, seamlessly integrated within Simcenter Testlab Desktop to effortlessly annotate and share data across departments using the ASAM-ODS standard.

Customize the way you display your analysis results in Simcenter Testlab to have full control over how the data is presented. Print Simcenter Testlab reports to active Microsoft office documents and captivate your audience with the evidence of your accomplishments. And ultimately be able to easily share the results of your testing campaigns with test and simulation teams, inside or outside your organization.

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