Simcenter Soundbrush system

Troubleshoot and visualize sound intensity in real-time to see exactly what you hear. Simcenter Soundbrush helps you immediately identify noise sources.

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Simcenter Soundbrush.

Why Simcenter Soundbrush?

Simcenter Soundbrush is a 3D, real-time testing solution that combines 3D sound intensity with visualization of sound sources. It is a unique solution for accurate, fast and intuitive acoustic troubleshooting that allows you to see exactly what you hear. It provides detailed, immediate results for easy identification of noise sources, including sound intensity values, sound propagation directions and sound power values.

Simcenter Soundbrush offers user-friendly, easy setup and plug-and-play features, bringing unmatched user comfort and efficiency. It is a compact, all-in-one solution that neatly fits in its handheld travel case.

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